Monday, August 18, 2008

Catchup: 8/05/08

CWD, Quilt for Life:

As usual, I was late to the party(Tues.afternoon-evening)but I got to help take down the quilts at 6 pm.(a 1.5 hour process, it was tougher then I'd thought it'd be because everything had to go in the correct box, in order, etc.) As I took down my quilt, it was the first time in 6 years that I've actually got to feel it(a very emotional moment, I got a little choked up). It was so long ago(6 + years?) that most of the information on it is obsolete but it is what it is. An antiquated piece of diabetes history that little children will ask their parents what in the world a MM508 was.

Someone else's, dx'd 3 days before me:

The FBI were on hand, at some other nearby festival:

I also browsed the American History Museum in the afternoon. That was pretty cool, definatly have to go back and see that.(more throughly)

After packing up the quilt, and being weighed down with as much glucose tabs/wristbands/water as I could carry(I was the only type 1 around, and the individual was trying to get rid of them)I walked backed to the Metro,went home(actually made pretty good time, the evening traffic jam was over). I learned something about CWD's Ask the Diabetes Team feature.. just WHO all gets to read that submitted question before it gets forwarded to the appropriate medical professional. I don't think I'll be asking any more questions,ever, of them.
(there are other places you can get your D questions answered) It made my hair straighten.(and that's saying something)

But the real reason I went to the CWD conference had to be this:

The absolute coolest thing I got in Orlando, a clip for my Deltec Cozmo. Gone are the days of Medtronic pump envy, how I stayed ignorant of the fact that Deltec had a clip too is beyond me. I thought I was pretty "in" when it came to earth-shattering events in the D-world. It's thick, it's sturdy, and it rotates 360. Four weeks later, I'm still marveling over it.

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