Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We have a diagnosis.

I have experienced gastro symptoms, dizzyness, at various points since last year.
The gastro symptoms reached their zenith earlier this year + haven't really bothered me on a consistent basis.(not like they were) So I assumed whatever was causing that, was gradually getting better.

On a wild shot,my doctor ordered a spinal tap.

And it came up positive for various markers of inflammation. So he ordered a head MRI(completely normal)

And ordered another spinal tap, to see if anything had changed.Today, I called them back to find out the results
and the results are unchanged, so its his professional opinion that I have Mollaret's Meningitis,a sort of chronic inflammation that doesn't show up on MRI and can occur without fever. Meningitis can also explain the puking. Mollaret's is really rare so he is running several other tests to make sure its not caused by a viral agent. I don't know that there is any treatment other then supportive, have an appointment this Friday to discuss it all.
This is beyond weird,mind blowingly weird, weird, weird.


Allison said...

Hope you get better soon!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! Please do keep us updated as you learn more.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh phooey, Heidi. Is their a bit of relief at least in knowing what it is? According to the link their are ways to manage it.
Dang - who needs another thing on top of the db.
But, I know you are an intelligent, informed medical consumer and will ask the right questions to get the care you need.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle W said...

Hello, just ran across your blog mentioning Mollaret's. Please join our site for support. Its called
Hope you get better soon. Maybe we can help you. We are a team of 50+ with mollarets and some of us have had it for years. We help eachother as you will soon find out not many doctors have even heard about this syndrome. My name is michelle. hope to see you there.