Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pies in the Sky

Got an "A" in my psych class, I really wasn't expecting that at all.(since I went into the final with a B average)

This was kind of a bummer a glossy flier in the mail, advertising some research study(which I'd hoped would be an investigational cure type), excitingly called about it,but it was just an inhaled insulin study.(two groups, inhaled "Generex" insulin and the nph/regular group) People STILL use NPH?? that was the most shocking thing about it. I mean, the control group should at least get to use humalog/lantus. No way I would e.v.e.r. use NPH/regular again, and it's doubtful that I'd even EVER use inhaled insulin.
Darn.Missed the cure boat..I had my hopes sky high that there was some kind of therapy out there that was not toxic to the rats...and had been approved for trials in humans.Kind of like INGAP.

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