Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekday Bump

I need a bumper sticker that describes my frustrations with the lack of funding/D in general. Didn't find what I was looking for on, so I'll have to design it myself.

And, in other news, my doc's office has decided to stop being personally responsible for their patients when they're admitted to the hospital. I guess the workload was too great. Now, you're turned over to a "hospitalist"(the latest and greatest of 21st century medical care) who will provide whatever medical care you may need. You can read about my experience with THAT system here. It was a grand and glorious disaster,and if I'd have listened to that dude for my diabetes care I'd have spent much longer in the hospital.
I've made up my mind that, at any point,my doctor decides to admit me it won't be to that hospital. Said hospital has an even worse reputation then the one I live near.
Especially not since my doc wouldn't even be looking after me-I would never go there. If I needed hospitlization,I'd head over to the medical center where I know I wouldn't have to worry about anything diabetes related.(they're tops) They've got their disadvantages though(long drive,and its a teaching hospital)
Health care is more of a business these days, and hospitals are starting to wake up to that fact. The ones around here,just need to wake up faster.

The coffee vendor at work is running a promotion this week(unlimited free coffee,out of the machine)and its been extremely popular.(as you can imagine) I didn't take into account that the optional "sweetener" button meant sugar, so I've had quite a few really high blood sugars the past couple of days. Now, I know.(bolus ALOT beforehand)By the time I try all 30 flavors, I'll have my boluses down to a T.

Wedding plans are bumpin' right along- I've got tons to do, and its probably not going to end till its over! The date/time/rehearsal dinner/place/honeymoon plans/and cake have all been decided on. This week, I've gotta order the invitations + start checking out flower shops.
102 days,folks.


Morris "Mo" Wanchuk said...

Your doctor isn't responsible for you? Is it just at that one hospital?

What the hell is a hospitalist? That's SO a made up word. Honestly. And the medical profession wonders why they lose respect. Jeeez.

Morris "Mo" Wanchuk said...

Whooops. Sorry, this is my husband's log in. It's Julia, over at Major Bedhead.

Gotta go log out now!

type1emt said...

cJulia-I guess not,anymore.They can admit(send you over there),but someone else takes it from there.It seems to be a growing trend,alot of the hospitals in the area do it. Hospitalists are (most of the time) docs from India.
(they can make a whole lot more $$'s over here and hospitals can pay them less then docs over here to do the same job..)
Nice puck!