Friday, May 18, 2007

5 Months and Counting

I dreamed last night that my a1c was around 7 (only in my dreams, apparently). Fact is, I've had the paperwork labsheet sitting in my Too Urgently Do desk drawer for a full week now. After re-finding it, buried under a car mat post-doctor appointment. (it'd been there for over a week)

It also has a fasting cholesterol test, so I couldn't just quickly take care of it after work. Nope,its gotta be an early morning, fasting since midnight affair. As said lab is 30 minutes away and not open at 5:30 in the morning, the only day I can possibly do it is Saturday..They're open nice and early on Saturdays,7:30 AM.

My diet..quite frankly, hasn't been the best. People in love have much more important things to think about, then getting the RDA of the major food groups. But people in love, can't function(very long) off cheeseburgers and Diet Mountain Dew, so I'm going to try to start cooking veggies, eating fruits because that's what I'm supposed to be doing. My ring is being resized, it was about 1.5 sizes too large (my finger isn't "average") I only had it 2 days before I had to take it back in. It won't be back for two weeks. I miss it.
Cranky, cranky me... I'm dying to show everyone, but not just a pic. I've held off telling people at work, because I'm waiting for that ring.

At work the other day, our supivisor was asking us about special dietary needs for
the upcoming Ice Cream Social(June 1). Two of my coworkers, asked for no sugar ice cream and the supivisor looked around, asked "Anyone else?"
I look at the floor.
Everyone in the department looks at me, waiting for me to announce my request for no sugar ice cream.
I wasn't going to declare any such thing, this was my decision and none of their business. Aside from the fact, that I'm a type 1 and I take insulin for everything anyway.
"Heidi?" pipes up coworker #1.
I resume looking at the floor.
"Do you want it?" asks my supivisor.
"She'll eat it and end up on the floor," says coworker #2.
I shoot a glare in her direction.
"I work it off, thank you very much."
"No, you'll just shoot insulin for it."

At this point, I get really, really mad and decide to defend myself.

"Ah yes- you're the expert. I've had it 10 years and I more then know what I'm doing by now."

"Well, my mom had it. And h----, I don't care if you end up on the floor."

"If you don't care, why are you even talking about it?"

Coworker #2 is also very angry(at this point). Tells me something that I won't repeat. And I decide, that the ignorance/callous unfeeling of some people is just not worth it.I don't have to defend myself to this jerk, whose sole claim to Experthood lies in the fact that her mom had diabetes + probably died just to get away from her daughter.
They get diabetes, and sugar is forever Evil and shots are an excuse to be a bad diabetic, etc. So they don't take shots(though they need them), they don't eat sugar(instead, they eat all this high carb sugar free stuff) and they don't check their blood sugars and they think they're being good diabetics when in reality, that's the worst thing they can do for themselves. And they get complications, and wonder why.
I don't blame her, though I did spend several hours wishing she'd get type 1 diabetes and have a low, a bad one.(just so she'd learn that it's not eating enough, rather then overeating, that causes one to "end up on the floor." My job is very physical, and I do have to reduce boluses majorly sometimes. It did hurt though, being the topic of discussion in front of the entire dept. No one says anything,but its obvious that I'm the devil-may-care irresponsible bad diabetic.

Reason #145 why I'm glad to be leaving my job. I have good friends there, but when you've had a few lows on the job it forever fuels the rumor mill.
(5 Months and Counting...before I bid it adeau)


MileMasterSarah said...

Their comments were completely inappropriate and I would have gone off on a monologue concerning the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how the dietary constraints differ becuase of their essential differences. I have talked myself blue many times at my current job, and you know what? I don't get the comments i used to.

type1emt said...

I have done that too in the past but this individual,WILL speak her mind about anything and everything+ the truth hardly matters.Being left alone(by her) would be just fine with me.

Maniacally Monday said...

Comments like that from anyone are so not okay. Why on earth does anyone in a professional environment think they have any right to say anything about your life at all. Family and friends don't have that right, why would a co-worker.

BetterCell said...

Coworker#2 is really a person filled with ignorance and callousness despite her mother having had Diabetes(probably Type 2).
I am happy that you will be getting away from there and Happiness for your upcoming Marriage.

Carol said...

Oh my, the NERVE of your co-workers!!! Some people are just not destined to ever "get it", and I'm betting that doesn't just apply to diabetes for those two. I'm afraid I would have been tempted to tell them where they could stick their ice cream.

Scott K. Johnson said...

How ignorant! That must have been very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

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