Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Toys

What happened last Monday devestated lives.
Individuals,families, institutions, a nation.
People came together, because in times like these,
you have to. You need support, and you need to carry
on.No one can deny that it happened, the evidence is
all too real.

What happened last Tuesday only impacted one life.
And I can't talk about it, not even on my blog because
the denial is all too strong. I'm stuck on stage #1.

I don't know about others, but being diagnosed with
diabetes wasn't like that at all. I knew I had
something, and was frankly relieved that it wasn't
cancer or anything worse.Acceptance of diabetes was easy. My d-life
struggles, revolve around stage #2 and #4. Although I
suppose denial, can refer to more then just a
diagnosis, it can refer to practically anything about
diabetes. (stuff to do, complications,etc.)
When I get over the denial, I'll talk about it. Probably
too much- especially in the anger phase. I know you guys
have probably gone through this(in some degree) so you know what its
like. It takes time.Right
now though, I'd rather talk about happier subjects, like the three newest toys in my life.
(grown-ups like toys too..)

This is toy #1
(tis the season...for a brand new mower!)

Toy #2
(having been ipod-less since early March, I hardly know how to act...I love Apple customer service!)

Toy #3
(my new automatic wrist blood pressure thingie. I hate to admit it,but its sort of cool)


Minnesota Nice said...

Heidi, let me know if you think the wrist bp thingy is accurate. I have one and the diastolic reading always seems to be lower than with the arm cuff. The wrist one is handy to use at work, although if I feel the need to test it at work it usually means I'm high................argh

Drea said...

Nice new toys!

I went browsing for a lawn mower today, but came home with 2 bags of grass seed. HA, everything in order!!


type1emt said...

I haven't noticed any discrepencies yet-guess I should test it against the docs office,next time I'm there.