Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unconferencing the Ve(gas)ness

This is not a story about a group of people who went to Vegas and did whatever you do in Vegas. Because while some of that certainly happened,(High Roller-never again) the reality of those
few days went beyond that.

And while you are probably expecting to get a blow by blow account of the lovely warm fuzzy moments of what all happened (at said diabetes conference), that can't happen either. Solemn vows
were said (over unbreakable 100 mg/dl's, only not mine, because at no point was I that low) to not repeat/tweet/FB/spread on social media the happenings of said conference, to respect those
individual's privacy/feelings that are not so gung-ho about their words going all over the Internet. And I get that, kinda,and I agreed to that, but to fully digest what all went down I am
writing it (offline,in journal) down for ME and only me, (just the tips/general ideas,not the intensely private thoughts)because I need to remember what was said before I forget it all. Almost 2000 years worth of d-experience, packed in one was
pretty astonishing. It wasn't just sitting at a table and hearing a speaker droan on and on, there was life in this conference. (thereby different from every other conference I have ever
attended) Not that other conferences haven't been awesome, in their own special ways, but this one was about connecting.

And in a way, that muddy grey puddle of diabetes came ALOT clearer. It will never be pristine Carribean clear, but you couldn't help but to have learned a thing or too, nor too have (waves
hand) unleashed a tear or too, along the way. It's ok not to be perfect, it's ok not to be anywhere close to perfect, the only thing that is NOT ok is to let it steal all the moments of
goodness from this thing called life because it most certainly does try to do that. Some of the conference was particurally difficult, some of it was funny, but all of it was good for me.
Just for a moment, I could forget about chromosomal deficiences and eat, live, and breathe diabetes for 2 straight days. (fun, nu?) That it was mentally exhausting is no secret, but it was a
good kind of exhausting. I wish I could give it to EVERY struggling PWD out there.

And I'm so grateful for everyone who made it happen. Thanks to you, my D-Love Tank is full and my FB friend list has grown exponentially.


Jenn said...

You are so right.. mentally exhausting, but perfect in that exhaustion. Even without an unlimited supply of Diet Coke (almost a travesty) I am so glad we were all there, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Hugs to you, my friend.

Laddie said...

Nice to have met you and great recap of the weekend.

George said...

That was a great recap and so true about the D-Love tank, it is seriously full!!!

Tina said...

So glad you could go Heidi and so glad that every post I have read like yours has left what happened in Vegas in Vegas with the exception of the complete agreement that is was a priceless experience for all. I can only hope it will be around for my kids in the years to come and you and all the others I have grown to love will be there to welcome my kids into the awesomeness that is the DOC unplugged.