Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Coldest Night

Last Friday, I took J in for an head MRI..which the developmental pediatrician ordered(can at least tell if the brain anatomy is normal and rule out that as a cause of his delays). It was a bitterly cold morning,-20 is so not my cup of tea to have to deal with early in the morning but J was fine with being woken up at 4:30 in the morning.(what can I say..he's his Daddy's son) We got there about 6:30,registered,and went back to the Children's Dept. There were two nurses getting him checked in,etc.,and then the nurse practitioner arrived to explain things,have me sign a consent form,etc. Being a 3 year old with sensory issues meant that nobody was going to touch him until he was sedated,& since Benadryl makes him extra hyper he couldn't drink juice with that in it. So all four of us adults had to hold him down while the NP put in an IV,& wait ten minutes for it to work. It was very harrowing. Procedure took about 45 minutes,and he slept for about 45 minutes in recovery. He did great. The nurse said he definatly made their list of The Top Five (Energetic,Wild) kids ever and it was a wonder if I got anything done. I told her that I didn't,unless he was at school. (To put things in perspective,they've done thousands of procedures) I've long suspected that
my child has the energy of five other young children but to hear someone else confirming said fact made me feel like not 
an overreacting mother. Of course I love him no matter what he's like but it feels
rather isolating (playgroups and church Sunday School are just straight up unmitigated disasters, I don't take him anymore because they aren't fun little events where mothers talk and babies play..mine would rather run into the street,parking lot,etc.) because no one in my circle has a child even close to what mine is and they don't get it. YOU GET IT is what I wanted to say,but didn't. They also told me I looked fabulous and I can count on one hand the number of times anyone other then my hubby has told me that,ever. Nurses rock,ya'll.(Everyone needs to be told they look fabulous at some point in their lives,even us ugly people) Anyway,it was empowering to me during a stressful situation. My boy woke up,asked for some juice,and fell asleep with his mouth open holding his graham cracker on the way out to the SUV.(it was cute and funny) By the time we got home,the sedative had nearly worn off.(it was fortunate that just one sedative had done the job,& he was back to normal the rest of the day.) Now we just have to wait on the results.

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christina said...

You and your little man are rockstars. Katy (Bigfoot) would insist we say you look badass instead of fabulous. I'm glad he did so well and since you've posted elsewhere regarding the results I just want you to know how my heart is with you both. Hugs mama.