Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Dayz

Still here, still kickin.' Summer is flying by..and we still haven't made it to a beach. We have made the annual "Trip to the Zoo" and the "Trip to the National Aquarium" though. (During the three weeks that my MIL came to visit.) Whereas last year young J wouldn't even look at an animal, this year he got more into things...petting the goats at the petting zoo, pointing to the birds, and baaaaing at the goats. He is still a toddler,and would far rather run around (sans protective hat) screaming "Runnnnnn" at the top of his lungs but it's nice that he's actually interacting more now.

I finished up a summer course to requalify for the nursing program,& I'm #125 wait listed for the fall.(aka don't count on it) Its ok though,because I actually am enjoying not having to get up insanely early & spend all day on the road before crashing into bed. I will get into the program in either the spring or this fall.
How's it going with you?


Jenn said...

A trip to the zoo sounds so much fun. It's been too long for me. :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your #125 on the list moves up at the speed best for you.

k2 said...

Hoping your #125 spot "Runnnnnns" to the top of the list!!

Karen said...

Ummm, he's getting too big!!! Can you please get him to slow down a bit. :)


Stacey D. said...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! #dblogcheck

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me that I live in one of AOL's top-rated beach towns and I have yet to put my pasty pale rear on one yet! I should go do that. :)

John Kuhnemund said...

wishing you a great summer ahead.

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