Monday, November 11, 2013

The Tubing People

"Hey, is that an insulin pump?"

It is.

"I've been trying to get my dad to get one. How do you like it?"

It's great..really cuts down on my highs and lows.

"Where does the insulin go?"

In a hole, right there, see? You inject it into a changeable cartridge every few days.

"Well that's so cool! And thank you for shopping at Kmart!"

(Guy behind me looks mildly annoyed at the amount of time I've been there ringing up my purchases.)

Have a nice day!


The thing about being on a tubed pump versus the Omnipod is that you become a homing zone for every other pumper or relative of a PWD. (Or nosy instructor) It's not a bad thing, but you've got to be prepared to give a half way intelligent answer about why you are on a pump.

"Uh, I like my pump because I don't have to take injections anymore..." (That would have been the 18 year old me's answer. But really, it's a stupid answer because injections stop being the issue for most people round bout the 1000th shot(or sooner). Pumping is about greater life flexibility, making your insulin suit YOUR eating habits.(not vice versa) But usually, when some random person asks me about my D,the first thing to come out of my mouth is that first sentence. Unless it's another pumper(& in that case, we just pump bump & go on our merry ways).

Wearing a tubed pump is very much a putting diabetes out there in the open thing...with the Omnipod you just don't get that kind of a reaction.(Although I have been told my pod looked "gross" and "like a tumor". Thanks, lady.)

And I'm ok with that.(it makes for less of a lonely D-world,when you meet others with it)


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Scully said...

I'm glad you are happy with your new pump. I hope the company treats you better than Omnipod. :)