Friday, July 19, 2013

Friends For Life:Part 1

Let's talk about Friends for Life.

(was it exciting? Did anybody fall into the pool? Were there any Diet Coke drink-offs? Did the sponsors bust some moves, Gangnam style? Did you met any new DBFF? What happened?!?)

I feel like this conference was basically one big hyperglycemic blur, probably because it was. I had grabbed a box of bad pods, & basically Monday-Sunday was spent in upper echelons of 300 mg/dl. You'd think that,being at a D conference,the pump company reps would be able to help you out...nope,not in this day and age.(lawyers?!?) Changed pods 8x, got two pump errors,& even borrowed a pod from someone else. (shots worked,so it wasn't an insulin issue)

So,yes. I'm a little ticked off at Insulet right now.(they keep insisting it isn't a PDM thing) I'm about ready to say forget it, I'm getting a Tslim (it IS a PDM issue. I've since tested other pods from other lots & I'm still high) It seems to be impossible to get a hold of the rep in my area (to get a loaner)as well, & it's just ticking me off all around the board right now. Whatever happened to customer service? In the meantime, I'm back on my Ping.

So yep, FFL was as amazing as always..but I guess I just wasn't feeling it this year. It was fun, and I'm forever grateful to the two grandmothers who made it possible for me to go,but I've never before had such craptastic blood sugars over the course of a week.

(next time:the better parts of FFL.Friends. Exhibit Hall Swag. The sessions.)


Christina momof2t1s said...

Oh Heidi this makes me sad and angry. Im sorry you and your PDM are not getting along - stupidPDM. Im glad you had a Ping handy although I know it doesn't make it write.
I loved meeting you in person and wish we had more chat time - it was always noisy and always crazy and I should just be thankful for being able to hug you and others and hear your voices so I can put a voice to blog posts.
I hope you get your pod stuff worked out soon. If you decide to check out t:Slim please share your thoughts - my daughter came home convinced she needs one.

Kim said...

Gah! What a crappy way to spend what should be such a wonderful week! Sorry to hear. :(

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man, Heidi! What a mess. I'm sorry. That's not how FFL week should be.

Kelley said...

Aww yikes! Hopefully you are back to normal now. I hope to go to the FFL conference some year-it sounds amazing