Friday, January 04, 2013

Towards 2013: A Bullet List

Ah, 2013. A New Year...full of hopes & resolutions. Some people do 'em,some don't. I do, because I like to attempt to improve my personal habits..even if I fail.(to try & to fail is to better to have never tried at all) I want 2013 to be my year..& I want it to be others too. Here are some of my hopes for the coming year.
1. I want to get my thyroid back in whack (still hypo)& my health back.( whatever that was) I've had recent issues with heartburn & difficulty swallowing, for which I just had an EGD done(biopsy results pending,normal appearing mucosa, a medium sized hiatal hernia)Diabetes related gastroparesis is,of course,a possibility.(next step if biopsies are normal are motility studies) Apparently hiatal hernias are pretty common in the general population & not the cause of my swallowing problems.(& not operable unless they are huge)
Every afternoon, from 3-7 pm I'm plagued with low blood sugars(requiring about 4-5 good sized juice boxes) & I'd really like 2013 not to be in a hypoglycemic stupor, staring at the baby & wondering if his first word(beyond mama/dada/nana) will be "lo!" I'd like to lose some weight, but mostly I'd just like to be healthy & functional.
2. I want to purge my diabetes supply closet & either use, or give away, most of my insulin pump supplies. (Believe it or not,that stuff does have an expiration date) It's not doing me any good just sitting in there, & I'm too in love with my Omnipod to go back. So the supplies must go. I'm also giving away my 7+ & several non-expired sensors,whenever I find someone in dire straits who doesn't have any insurance (or limited) to give it to. I would prefer to actually semi-"know/have met"the person,hence the reason I didn't ship them off a long time ago to someone (nameless)on Facebook.I will keep a box or so of supplies, as backup to my Animas in case my Omnipod dies.I feel guilty how much D-crap I've got,sometimes.
3. Speaking of Omnipod...I'm very much looking forward to their upgrade arriving.(rumor has it,in late February) Their redesigned PDM & much smaller pods look totally sweeeeeet.
4. School wise, I want to finish nursing school. I feel like that is a big "?", with so many health issues as of late, but it would be such an amazing accomplishment for 2013. It's also going to be my "Sweet 15" betes versary & what better excuse for a celebratory party can you have?(the non-D people need a valid reason to come) I want this year to be a period, not a question mark,in my life.
5. And in the personal habits category, I am going to start keeping a record of all my expenses. I'm so unorganized that I usually have no idea where I put a particular receipt, or just how much I spent on Diet Coke or diapers last year. I'm going to get a ledger & start keeping records.
6. D-meetups... I hope to have a few of these as well. (Friends for Life,etc.) Always a highlight in my year.
7. And the last one, circumstances permitting, I'd really like to be in the outpatient trials of the Artificial Pancreas going on this year. It's been a few years since I was involved. The research coordinator said there's a strong possibility that another phase will open up this year,& I'm on the list of people they'd contact so cross fingers that it happens. I NEED A MACHINE TO RELIEVE ME OF MY PANCRE-OTING DUTIES. (it would also be kinda nice to spend an entire 2 days in some hotel bed,watching TV, & have a little break from parenting as well. Judge me as you will.)

What are some of your hopes & resolutions?

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