Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 Months: Moments

Mr. Studious.

Attack the Mickey!!

Teeth: we've got two!

Smearing my hair with applesauce.

Happy baby.

Unhappy baby.

Nemo kisses.

We love our feetsies...they taste soooo good.

We's a fan.


Hair today, gone tomorrow.


Not sure what to think of this stuff (4 months old)

Mickey Ears.

Getting measured for a helmet.

Starting the Day...

And ending it.

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k2 said...

Such a cutiedeliciousyummylittlebabypie!

asskeeper said...

He is not an unhappy baby in that one picture. I was there. Sorry Jesse gotta defend you. Please bring him to NJ to pick a pumpkin in October. I need my Jesse fix.