Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Girl in the Plastic Bubble*

(this is as bubble-ish as I can get us. I'm not a Photo-Shop Pro)

Sometimes it feels like we live our lives in a plastic bubble.

"Don't eat that."


"Don't live alone."

"Keep your a1c under 6.5, and your risk of complications will be seriously decreased."

"Be sure to floss/brush/get regular checkups/never cut your toenails yourself/don't go barefoot/don't procreate without permission/don't drink more then 2 drinks/blahblahblahblahblah..."

That list goes on. We are, in the eyes of the media, healthcare profession, and the general public...a fragile species,that needs to be sheltered from the big bad world. (that will kill us) Our plastic bubble (of rules and regulations) will keep us safe.

But the thing about plastic bubbles is, you can't stay in them forever. Just like John Travolta's character had the yearning to rebel & go live life on his own terms,(regardless of how scary that was) we have to let diabetes conform to our lives...not the other way around. We can't live in a hospital (above and beyond the fact that you'd not be living very long in there anyway, with the rate of iatragenic infections) and reciting of the mantra "What would my Endo Do?" (in said situation)doesn't always jive with what we want. You've got to balance life with diabetes & keep on keeping on.

Run marathons.

Have babies.

Go be a world-class surgeon. (or firefighter, chef, Indy race car driver, etc.)

I am not a girl in a plastic bubble. I am not "fragile", to be lumped in with a million other PWD you may have come in contact with. I am unique,
on my own journey & not about to take the opinion of your brother's girlfriend's mom's first cousin-once-removed opinion about my disease. And till the day I die, I won't be defined by the lack of a functioning organ.

*(If you've ever seen the movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"...(starring John Travolta)you'll have caught the reference.)


Scully said...

Run Marathons...
Have babies...

I don't know why, but you wrote this a precisely the time I needed it.

It was lovely to read.

Cara said...

Beautiful! :) I love this post.