Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011: A Year, Reviewed

It was a year in which I:

Started Nursing School

Found out I was pregnant

Rafted the mighty Colorado River

Met (& remet) old & new friends at the Friends For Life Conference in Florida

Turned 30

Went to 10 billion doctor appointments

Cried for hours over a 6.5 a1c (my best ever,& the best of the pregnancy!)

Saw my diabetes turn 13...

Dropped out of nursing school,to dream another day

Gained 40 lbs (New Years Resolution=you kind of know what!)

Gained a greater sympathy for disabled/handicapped people's challenges because when you can't do hardly anything for yourself,life is pretty difficult. And I'm one of those people who'd rather fall down trying,then ask for help.

Went to a diabetes meetup (SimonPalooza) in NYC...& felt massively better about my sorry DLife (& everything else,in general). It was refreshing.(& seeing my first Broadway Show was pretty cool too!thanks to Cara R.!)

Here's to 2012,& baby coming SOON.

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