Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Study in Endocrimology

Little known fact: Endo's are "human beings" too.

Lesser known fact: They have lives outside their medical offices.

Littlest known fact of all: They have friends. Friends to whom "blood sugars" do not come up on a regular basis. Friends with whom they go bowling with,eat cupcakes without asking the said carb count of,and generally have a pretty normal,diabetes-less existence.

When I think of an Endo, it would be hard to imagine being friends with one. (however much of a wonderful person they are) The instant I step into one's office, an aura of guilt surrounds me (I could be the best PWD on earth and I think that would still be the case) & does not let up until I'm well on my way home.(and every once in awhile, a "lightning bolt" accusation just serves to really charge up the atmosphere)

Perhaps its just me. I have to say, that yesterday's appointment went better then most..& also,much more through. Blood Pressure normal,blood sugar about 100 points lower then what it usually is(it is ALWAYS after some meal,so it's always elevated),weight gain 7 (total)lbs...a1c pending. My Endo started out by complimenting me on my much improved control,and I mean really complimenting me.(I really don't recall if that's ever happened before)I am used to negativity right off the bat so I really don't know how to take that switch in tactics.Reviewed the past 5 days of blood sugar logs pretty throughly. I go in every month (rotating between her,and the CDE)for a comprehensive review (so it's only been 2.5 months since I last saw her).

Before I married/moved to this area, all of my diabetes/eye care was done at a University down South..and my former Endocrinologist,after I told her I was moving,recommended my current Endo (my Endo was a resident physician down there,a million years ago).Well,they are still friends and hang out occasionally & though I'm sure my ex-Endo doesn't recall me in the least my Endo is aware of the fact that I used to live down there/have her as an Endo/etc. (I guess the answer to the question "Who do Endo's hang out with?" would be, other endos)That area will always have a place in my heart..& that hospital,where I began my life with diabetes,went through 3 eye surgeries,test drove an artificial pancreas,began insulin pumping,was diagnosed with Bartters Syndrome,learned of life/death/and the value of every minute(be it good or bad),and just generally grew up through is a part of my history,& a part that I kind of share with my Endo.(that makes her less of a white coat,in my opinion)

We discussed how insulin requirements would change...apparently every T1 at least doubles their total insulin requirements(and most triple, or even quadruple). That is not something I am looking forward to,but apparently it's a gradual rise(and given the frequency of tweaks,you won't even be aware of most of it) It is hard to imagine blowing through that much insulin every month,like it was water.

By the end of the appointment,I'd almost managed to forget about my a1c endo left the room to get them.


I was happy/estactic with that(given that I worked my tail off to get there)so the remainder of that conversation was largely tuned out by me. I've never been below 7,and how people can just pop out 5.0's like it's nothing is a mystery to me. I know that she'd like to see it lower,but pregnancy does not suddenly turn diabetes care into a piece of cake.(it's still unpredictable diabetes) I'm going to savor this number,& keep plodding on.(toward better)

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Brenda F. Bell said...

Just as you remember a number of people you've studied with, studied under, and who have made notable contributions to your life, so it is with everyone -- endos included. My PCP notes that she served her cardiology rotation under the head of the local cardiology group, is a colleague of the former head of the local sleep-studies group, etc.