Monday, January 14, 2008

You've Got Mail!

My new mouse pad, with that special MiniMed touch.

Go HERE. This thing rocks,
I can actually read the lettering (now)without putting my old person glasses on.

FREE STUFF!(certificate)
-Facing the Giants DVD
-2 Liter Dr Pepper Product
-3 pk Pop Secret popcorn pack
(date night, here we come!)

Glucerna coupons. If there's a national disaster, I'm sure I'll be glad for whatever form of sustenance may come my way.(including disgusting nutritional drinks)

My New Years Resolution(s) included eating more nuts. First step in that direction,getting a nutcracker. Macadamia nuts are great, but impossible to crack
and we've got a slew of them(compliments of in-laws). If this doesn't work, its time
to get a vice.

Funny how all of my mail today could be considered diabetes related...(item #3,for emotional health in dealing with the day-to-day crud)

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