Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Boring Sunday Afternoon(and the dissection of an OmniPod)

(size comparison)

(What's inside????????)

The small batteries are 357-precisely the type used in the MM508. I don't know about the later models, but I still have my 508(for old times sake). I'll keep them, for that.(in case El Lambo hits the dust) Anyway, this was quite the informative experiment, the main section houses the pump "resevoir",(its saline,folks,never fear) some weird spring, and a metal needle that leads to the outer cannula.The clear piece is the bottom, the cloudy piece is the outer shell, and the computer chip makes it all that much more beyond my capabilities to understand it. The Omnipod is pretty cool, but I'm not sure I'd like to wear one on a regular basis(I'd all the time be losing the remote!) and it looks like a giant tumor... Wore one for a couple of days at FFL + it felt REALLY weird. I'm used to looking like a technogeek + maybe no else notices if you put it in the right spot but I'm used to my pump(you can put it anywhere) + the Omnipod, you definatly cannot.


Caro said...

I've never even seen a real life Omnipod, let alone worn one, but I share your reservations.

Far from finding the pump tubing a problem and secretly coveting a 'tubeless' system, I actually like the tubing on my pump. I like the fact that I can go from stashing my pump in my bra one day, to waistband next day to sock the next. In short, I can change its position as often as I change my outfit.

The fact that the tubing attaches the whole device to me also lessens my worry of losing it. When I used the Guardian RT prior to the 522, I was forever panicking that I'd lost/left behind/had stolen the receiver!

Your deconstruction is fascinating. I sense someone who shares my insatiable need to know how things work!

Minnesota Nice said...

Wow Heidi. I have recently thought that if I ever "made the switch" from MDI's I'd like to do the O. Now I'm no so sure.
Looks like you have a lot of little tools available to "take things apart".
Have a good week ahead.

Donna said...

I had been wondering about the Omnipod lately. I had read a few articles about it, but I wondered about it looking like a tumor, etc. I've only been on my Metronic 722 for a little over a year & I think I'll keep it for a while. I like the flexibility of being able to carry it where ever I want.

It seems the Omnipod needs a little more work to make it more user-friendly & look less like a tumor. Thanks for the info!

tec said...

Amazing technology, thats inside the Omnipod!
Ive never thought that there is so much hightech inside one of these devices.
Can you take a closer picture of the electronic board?
It would be interesting to know what kind of hardware is used inside...
And also how much "really" does it cost to build one of these ;)

Have a good time