Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to the D-Log Cabin..

My first official post.
Q.How do I feel?
A. Like I did when I was a brand-new PWD.
So, I guess this will be a trial-and-error experience, (simular to D) as I play with things.
Anyway, I want to thank the welcoming committee(at Diabetes Talk Fest forums) for helping me out with this.

Now you're probably wondering- whats with the pic? This is my old MM508, and my two Minimed Max(es). I just thought it was too cute to resist NOT taking a picture of them. The one in the white shirt is Limited Edition (older) Max- the one in the blue shirt, the one Medtronic Minimed currently sells. I'm a sucker for cute stuffed animals anyway. Wish I had one to take with my Deltec Cozmo. Minimed Max was "born" on 12/01/98- I was diagnosed 12/10/98, so Maxie and I have alot in common.
More serious stuff later...


GINA said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! I am so happy you got the help you needed with your D-blog and I will add you ASAP...ADD ME ALSO

Anonymous said...

Yeah Heidi!
So how old is Max's site ;-)

type1emt said...

Good question.
4 years? lol
and I thought I was bad!

Sandra Miller said...

Hey there Type1emt,

Welcome to the OC!

My 10-year old son was dx'd type 1 just over a year ago. I've gained a lot of support from the incredible folks in this online community-- I'm sure you will too.

Look forward to reading about your experiences with D, among other things.

Take care,

Kerri. said...

Welcome to The O.C., Type1EMT! I've linked your site from "Six Until Me."

Love your moose.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Allison said...

You've officially been added to the Diabetes OC! Welcome to the club!

Erica said...

Welcome to the OC!

Hey this little guy has a Cozmo...

-Erica (comfortablehome.blogspot)

type1emt said...


Kassie said...

Hi there!

Checking in late but I wanted to say 'hello' to a fellow Virginian.


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Paulo McManus said...
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log-cabins said...

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